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Canine Security Services

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Canine Security Services

Canine security services Canberra

Our canine unit is a specialised division which is specifically trained in civil security.

Our Handlers are specifically trained and licensed in Security canine handling and our dogs are specifically bred and trained to perform their duties in the field.

Our canine units can safely work in a multitude of situations such as crowds, family events, festivals, mobile patrols.

When it becomes public knowledge that a site is constantly patrolled with Canine security the likelihood of vandalism and break and enters is dramatically reduced. 

Canine units are known to be able to deflect and diffuse a situation quickly with minimal disruption and most times eliminate the need for man handling of any attendees that may escorting of site.

We provide perimeter signage, and random patrols ensure that there is no set pattern or time security is onsite, making it hard for any potential intruder to plan an attack on your premises.